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We continue to work tirelessly to take the place of a reputable company in our industry, and, relying on the knowledge we have accumulated, our special approach and our efforts that were invested in large-scale projects and into the construction

Concrete production is carried out in strict accordance with the current standards, the standards of Turkey TS EN 206 and TS 13515, and also, taking into account the specific requirements of the Customer; When manufacturing each brand of

AGREBET Mining: our company also uses all its expertise and knowledge to develop quarries for natural sand. By  investing into the latest technological achievements, the production of natural sand was started to meet the needs of the Istanbul market.


Become a distinctive example in your industry. Let us be your "Solution Partner" and provide consulting services by offering our solutions in the field of where we are professionals.



AGREBET Mühendislik Taahhüt Madencilik İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi was established in 2017 by Mehmet Tahir Turgut with the aim to offer the industry as a "solution partner" his theoretical and practical knowledge and experience accumulated since 1986. The founder of our company successfully implemented large -scale Engineering projects both inside the country and abroad, in which he took part as a leading Engineer, introduced into the industry the concept of "high-performance concrete mixtures" that provide the conditions of durability / service life at least throughout 100 years, and having conducted the first works on the selection of the composition of these concrete mixtures and their application, has become the developer of the "innovative" series of concrete mixtures DURABET in our country and has earned large respect among colleagues in the industry.

As an enterprise focused on satisfying Customer needs and increasing efficiency, we ensure the confidence and continuity in the work of the industry, relying on our continuous Approach to Quality and Protection of the Environment, used in factories for the production of Cement, Concrete Mixtures and Aggregates, by installing there "Network of information systems" based on knowledge and experience in the sector of Concrete and Aggregates. Without decreasing the requirements for ensuring labor protection, we increase the level of efficiency of machinery and personnel, we accept the requirements set out in ISO, OHSAS, CE, G and Environmental Quality Certificates as our own, we consider it our duty to share our knowledge and experience with you providing an even cleaner environment.






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KAMARA İnkilap Mah. Oman Sok. Umraniye 34768 Istanbul / Turkey

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